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March Queer Book of the Month: Mall Goth by Kate Leth

Mall Goth by Kate Leth

@SPL: YA GN Leth

Get your early aughts gamer goth on with Kate Leth’s Mall Goth. In this graphic novel, Liv Holmes relocates to Harbour City after her hometown peers bully her for being bisexual. Despite a rocky start, Liv is relieved to find that her new home has friends who accept her, supportive adults, and plenty of fellow goths to hang out with.

Kate Leth takes this full-colour adventure in unexpected and meaningful directions, as Liv has to navigate the fallout of her parents’ failing marriage, building nurturing relationships with her female peers, and dealing with the dangerous special attention she’s receiving from her favourite teacher. Veterans of the mall goth scene will rejoice at the nods to Tim Burton, Emily the StrangeWest 49, and the beloved uniform of striped arm warmers, tattoo choker necklaces, studded leather accessories, and Manic Panic hair dye.

A touching story for queer teens with meaningful messages about navigating romantic attention, Mall Goth offers readers the encouragement to stand up for and discover themselves despite high school’s many challenges.


Emma Brommer, Pubic Service Librarian

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